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Photographer / VIDEo Producer

Roshd  Ghalleb

French-Tunisian, born in Geneva, Switzerland. I have been equally enriched by both mediterranean and european cultures throughout my  dynamic interaction with both continents.

Always ready to travel the world  and capture its wonders on video. 

New York City  has been home to me since 1998 and I ABSOLUTELY love it! 

Now I can proudly say that I am very lucky and privileged to have lived and worked in three continents!!!

The name of my company Mandrakfilm was inspired by Mandrake The Magician, one of the "Pioneer" superheroes in Comics, that made his first appearance as early as 1934 in a syndicated newspaper comic strip, created by Lee Falk, before he created The PhantomMandrake fought crime by using an unusually fast hypnotic technique against villains.

Growing up in the seventies, I was just a kid fascinated by the visual power that he displayed. One thing leading to another, I found myself exceedingly interested in visual Arts, such as Film and Photography.

In 1987, my family and I left Tunisia and moved  to Paris, France. It was my  first time in Europe and I felt right at home very quickly. But everything was  still to be built. I was just a teenager and still in search for some cultural bearings. 

In that same year, one of my all time favorite Italian film directors, Federico Fellini, directed one of my all time favorite actors, Marcello Mastroianni, in the movie INTERVISTA, which means Interview, in Italian. To my disbelief, Mastroianni's character was Mandrake The Magician. I was in total shock because it was the first time for me to see Mandrake in a motion picture. Fellini's twist on the Character, romanticized Mandrake's image. He was no longer a young and fearless crime fighter, because we didn't get to see him in his role as Mandrake. Instead, we saw him as Marcello Mastroianni dressed as Mandrake,  in between takes. A matured compassionate, generous soul, loving life's little details and fond of its good and gentle memories with his old co-star Anita Eckberg from another famous award winning Fellini movie named La Dolce Vita. 

Intervista was very much portrayed as a slice of life with all of its ingredients: Love, joy, tears, Laughter, work, relationships, sometimes regrets and even...magic... thanks to Nino Rota's music score all along. Speaking of a hypnotic power, Fellini has totally captured my attention and imagination.

I was in love with filmmaking and I remember thinking that if I ever started any company on my own, it would have to include these ingredients.

Later on, I went to Film School and got a Master degree in Film and Audiovisual Studies from the University of Paris VIII. Given my childhood's pop culture influences, my thesis subject had to be about Federico Fellini's work. 

Just a couple of years after graduation, I created my website Roshdghalleb.com but most people would not remember the right spelling and experienced difficulties reaching out to me. That's why, I thought it would be easier if people were looking for a one word company name.

MANDRAKVISTA, a contraction of Mandrake and Intervista, was born out of my passion for Fellini's work but also his vision about life in general. The name didn't get the attention I was hoping for. I took a chance and it was a long shot before people were able to get what the company was all about.

So I changed it to MANDRAKFILM PRODUCTIONS and naturally things started to fall into the right places.

Since then I have created various media formats and collaborated closely with clients from all walks of life, with whom I had the privilege to share outstanding story telling, through photography and cinematography experiences.